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ГоуДеди България ЕООД
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За компанията
Paragon Internet Group, one of Europe’s fastest growing hosting companies. We have been growing amazingly fast in Bulgaria the last year and a half expanding from 4 people to 160+ and counting.

We offer amazing support to our customers: migrating websites and proactively contacting new clients to make sure they are settled.

Paragon has an all new and amazing office in the Capital Fort building (next to Inter Expo Center on Tsarigradsko) where we currently handle technical support, website migrations and system administration. The rest of the company is based just outside London, UK.
Кариера в компанията
Our company offers the following positions:


Moving websites, web applications, e-mail accounts, etc. between servers. This is a very challenging task. We migrate around ~30-40 sites daily.

Ticket Support

Providing amazing support to our clients from the easiest tickets to hacked websites and server infrustructure. Our ticket support is separated into 4 levels. Entry level, Advanced support, System administrators, Managed Support.

Phone Support

Our phone support team makes sure that our customers are assited over the phone immediately handling mainly first line queries and escalating the more advanced ones.

Concierge team

Concierge team, or else Welcome team, calls our customers making sure they are correctly setup with us and helping them building their business with us.
ГоуДеди България ЕООД
ЕИК: 202616854
Адрес: БЪЛГАРИЯ, София,
бул. Цариградско шосе №90, 1784 София, Етаж 15
Телефон: 0895622760
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