Софтуер Груп БГ АД
Разработка на софтуерни решения и продукти за финансови институции. Служители в България: 200; Брой ИТ специалисти в България: 180; Градове в България: София, Варна; В България от: 2009; Служители глобално: 350; Държави/градове извън България: Кения, Гана, Египет, Индия, Филипини, Австралия, САЩ, Мексико; Година на основаване: 2009; Придобивки:  Допълнително здравно осигуряване;    Бонусна схема;    Тийм билдинг активности;    Карта за спорт;    Безплатни обучения/ курсове;    Зала за игри в офиса;    Безплатни напитки в офиса;   Технологии: Java, Python, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, Redux;

Софтуер Груп БГ АД

За компанията

Software Group is a global technology company that is specialized in delivery channels and integration solutions for the financial sector. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, it currently serves a worldwide client base from 9 regional offices located in Australia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Mexico, the Philippines, and the USA. Software Group has a second newly opened office in Bulgaria, located in Varna. It is supporting the headquarter operations in Sofia and has a key role in the development of products as well as the implementation of the projects Software Group has all around the world. The company’s vision is to accelerate financial inclusion by creating cutting edge technology solutions. Some of Software Group’s customers are organizations such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 7 out of the top 10 Microfinance networks, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Asia Development Bank, Asian Confederation of Credit Unions (ACCU), Access bank holding and many others. The company currently employs over 300 professionals around the world that develop solutions aiming to improve the quality of life of millions of people worldwide.


Кариера в компанията
By joining us you can:
  • Get big and valuable opportunities to navigate and boost your career to the next level in the fin-tech and software industry.
  • Design your career in a way that meets your present deep needs and ensure your well-being.
  • Benefit from our Recognition program and Employee Referral program.
  • Maximize your compensation by our bonus and stock option programs.
  • Feel safe with the additional health insurance.
  • Enjoy work-life balance and have flexible working time and work from home.
  • Travel to extraordinary destinations where our customers are.
  • Increase the meaningful moments in your life by working for a company that boosts financial inclusion and improve the quality of life for millions of people.
  • Enrich your world with the new friends you will find in the amazing fun-loving environment of our company.
Софтуер Груп БГ АД
ЕИК: 204370440
Адрес: 115N Tsarigradsko Shosse Blvd., 5th Floor,
1784 Sofia, Bulgaria
Телефон: +359 2 923 1783
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