Адкеш България ЕООД
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Адкеш България ЕООД

За компанията
Founded in 2007, Adcash is a real-time advertising trading platform that delivers high-performing solutions to online publishers and brand advertisers globally. Today, we are one of the foremost advertising networks in the industry thanks to our smart ad technology, using cutting-edge algorithms.
In 2015 EAS awarded Adcash  Innovator of the year and Most Competitive Enterprise of the year.
Our mission is to help advertisers and publishers to succeed with easy to use advertising technology. For publishers, we provide high-quality ads, from leading brands and exclusive pricing models designed to effectively monetize their online content and increase revenue. For advertisers,
we offer extensive audience engagement through our innovative advertising technology to have maximum impact and drive converting traffic.

Our headquarters are in Tallinn, Estonia with branch offices Bulgaria, France and Spain. Our team of 160+ people from more than 20 nationalities brings not only an invaluable level of experience to the table, but also a diversity of thought essential to shaping the company.

Кариера в компанията
Being hungry for success, having the mindset of a winner, being driven towards action and achievement, we all want our personal description to even slightly resemble this. And while we all think that this is something we either are born with or without, the truth of the matter is that we all possess it in our inherent nature. If this is something that drives you, if you are curious to see what is beyond the horizon, you are not afraid to fail – and learn from that failure – you are in the right place. We have an open seat for you, contact us – TODAY!

We have career opportunities at our various worldwide offices.

Адкеш България ЕООД
ЕИК: 201986363
Адрес: Sofia 1303, 103 „Aleksandar Stamboliyski“ Blvd., Sofia Tower, fl. 5, office 51.2
Телефон: 0877 081116
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