tax advisory-Payroll & HR management - M&A-Accounting Служители в България: 10; Градове в България: sofia; В България от: 2007; Служители глобално: 200; Държави/градове извън България: Cyprus, Romania, Serbia, Albania,Montenegro, Bosnia, Greece, Egypt, Iran, Beirut, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Fyrom; Година на основаване: 2007; Придобивки:  Tickets for conferences and seminars;    Meal vouchers;    Supplemental health insurance;  


За компанията
Eurofast Global has positioned itself as the primary boutique professional
services company in South East Europe and East Mediterranean. When it
comes to regional professional knowledge and cross border issues in the
region, Eurofast is the ideal company to provide multinational comprehensive
advice and regional cross border solutions.
Through our fully fledged offices we are able to offer a wide range of technical
services. We are capable of undertaking and successfully completing the
following services:
Accounting Services
• Outsourced Accounting Records
• Monthly Accounting Support Services
• Monthly and Quarterly Management Accounts
Employment Services
• Long and short-term global equity and cash plan design and implementation
• Payroll preparation and processing
• Employer and employee tax, social security, withholding and compliance
due diligence
• Legal and regulatory global due diligence
• Employee compensation and engagement programmes
• Equity awards for international assignees
• Registration of Companies
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Transaction Advisory
• Compliance Reporting
• Cross Border Transactions
• Shipping
Our wide experience and technical knowledge enables us to offer the above
services with a first-class level of service. A service in accordance with our
philosophy of going beyond merely satisfying our clients, to the level of
delighting them.
ЕИК: 175029586
Адрес: Sofia, blvd. Slivnitsa 141-143, Business Center Slivnitsa, fl. 6
Телефон: 02 988 69 77
Fax: 02 988 69 79
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