Катенейт България ООД
Разработка на софтуер. Основни направления: Business Integration, Technology, Solution and Creativity services Служители в България: 35; Градове в България: София; В България от: 2009; Служители глобално: 140; Държави/градове извън България: München(DE), Baar(CH), Rome(IT), Amsterdam(NL); Година на основаване: 2001; Придобивки:  Допълнително здравно осигуряване;    Карта за спорт;    Сертификации и тренинги;    Тиймбилдинги и партита;    Тиймбилдинг в чужбина;    Пресни плодове в офиса;   Технологии: Java; Java Enterprise; JavaScript; Angular; EAI; Complex Event Processing; Enterprise Application Integration;

Катенейт България ООД

За компанията
Catenate is an international company with offices in München(DE), Baar (CH), Rome(IT), Amsterdam (NL) and Sofia(BG). With more than 130 professionals in five European offices, we provide our clients with Business Integration, Technology, Solution and Creativity services.

Our team has many years of project management expertise, as well as extensive IT and process & strategy expertise. Our industry-wide benchmarking experience gives our clients an insight into the best Business Integration practices in the Telecommunications, Automotive, Engineering, Railway, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Transportation, Electronics & High-Technology and Financial Industries.

Catenate is dedicated to helping company customers identify, structure and execute projects that will have a lasting effect on their competitiveness.
Кариера в компанията
Professional Development
If you would like to develop your career as Java Developer, Frontend Developer, Quality Assurance Engineer, IT Project Manager, Catenate offers you plenty of professional growth opportunities and chance to contribute to globally recognized big players and brands!

To young IT graduates who want to become rock star developers, we have a special internship program during which we provide training, mentoring and certification. After a successful completion, you have the opportunity to start your professional journey with us!

Work and Motivation
We depend on our Team and we do care about Their motivation and personal impact on our company growth. We have challenging tasks, fast paced environment and we require flexibility and high quality results delivered to our customers. We strive to give and receive feedback on daily basis from our employees.
Our rewards include additional performance based bonus, additional health insurance with dental care, regular team events and celebrations, annual summer team building abroad with the international Catenate team.
Катенейт България ООД
ЕИК: 201344974
Адрес: София 1680
ул.Казбек 63, ет. 4
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