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eFellows Ltd.

За компанията

eFellows is a systems integration and managed services provider, founded in 2004 and based in Bulgaria. We are focused in large scale projects on consolidation and normalization of ICT infrastructures in geographically distributed areas.  We are distinguished for serious technical expertise and profound erudition in cutting-edge and innovative technologies. The company has been rated high by its clients and partners for its flawless performance and professional qualities of the technical team in the design, development and support of infrastructures in the bank and finance sector with successful projects across 4 continents – Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.


We deliver:

  • Personal and tailor-made approach
  • High-end product and enterprise-class services
  • Deep understanding how IT empowers business
  • Wide international experience
  • Lean organization, delivering enterprise-class services
eFellows Ltd.
ЕИК: 131335001
Адрес: гр. София, 1407, ул. Козяк 41
Телефон: +3594395151
Fax: +3594395115
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