Информационни технологии, Телекомуникации Служители в България: 5; Брой ИТ специалисти в България: 4; Градове в България: Sofia; В България от: 2008; Служители глобално: 15; Държави/градове извън България: Amsterdam, Huizen (EU); Година на основаване: 2001; Придобивки:  above market salary;    freedom to choose when and where to work;    Proactivity highly appreciated;  


За компанията

"Picasse" consortium develops and supplies systems for urgent communication since 2001. Picasse simplifies alerting and communication for any type of incident or crisis via web based (SaaS) alarm and incident management applications.

Many large, reputable companies rely on us to increase business continuity, security and operational efficiency. They also appreciate our high level of service with personal character.

Picasse services its products to organizations from virtually all industries. Among our customers are Vattenfall, ING Bank, European Space Agency, IBM,  Wageningen University and Philips.

Picasse is registered with the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM, formerly OPTA) as a provider of public electronic communications under the numbers 941727 and 941728.

Кариера в компанията

Consortium "Picasse" will regularly publish job ads here in response to our growing demand for manpower. What makes us different is we value any of our colleagues, no matter whether we speak on even perspective ones.

We offer a myriad of extra benefits (some of them being mentioned in our ads) and we continuously strive to expand them. We value proactivity and sincereness a lot, and comfort is what we guarantee in return. Our HR practices are innovative, flexible and conforming, based on the "free will" values.

The present team itself consists of highly-skilled full-stack masters as we always tend to be in the avantguard in terms of technologies adopted. If it sounds intriguing, we'll be more than glad to get to knowing you!

ЕИК: 200234425
Адрес: "Atanas Moskov" str, Business park area;
1715, city of Sofia
Телефон: +359 889 195 447
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