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Aviaso Bulgaria

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От Видео профила ще научите за компанията и компанията като място за работа. Видео профилът е заснет от Jobs.bg и е част от проекта "Компаниите в България".
За компанията
It takes a great team to lead an industry

We are cultivating an innovative culture which has proven time and again that it can lead the aviation and aerospace industry in the area of advanced technological solutions.

At Honeywell Connected Enterprise you will be expected to take initiative. Your hard work, commitment and innovative spirit will be rewarded. Your sense of humor, team spirit, and „work hard, play hard” attitude will be highly appreciated.

You will work with leading airlines like Aer Lingus, Air Baltic, British Airways, Cargolux, CityJet, Condor, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, KLM, LOT, Lufthansa Cargo, Monarch, Thomas Cook Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and many others.

Revolutionary Product

We are at the center of several technology revolutions. Big data, cloud computing, and the growing role of business intelligence and artificial intelligence are changing the way companies manage their operations. Aerospace is also facing rapid change and complex challenges, especially in the area of operational efficiency.

Thanks to our solution, airlines can process their data, analyze it, and communicate insights to pilots. We uniquely combine interconnected data to allow analysis of planned and actual trajectory and match it to an ideal flight path or profile.

The economic impact of more efficient operations is huge. Fuel is the largest cost factor in an airline: savings can exceed millions of euro and CO2 emissions can be reduced by millions of tons.

Innovation and Technology

We are always pushing the limits of our expertise and our knowledge. Real innovation comes from an expert understanding of the problems aerospace faces and adopting the best technologies to address them.
Our enterprise-class platform includes technologies from:

Red Hat and VMware
Java and Oracle
Jenkins and Selenium
JIRA and Confluence

Кариера в компанията

Reach Higher with Honeywell Connected Enterprise Sofia

When you choose to work with us, you are choosing a career at the intersection of software and aerospace.

The rapid pace of innovation creates exciting opportunities for you to develop new skills and grow with the team. Your work will have a tremendous positive impact on our environment. You will enjoy the following additional benefits:

Mentor who helps you succeed in your day-to-day tasks and career goals

Training courses, workshops, and conferences

International career and global perspective from colleagues and customers

Private pilot training which allows you to join the select few who can pilot an airplane

Medical and dental insurance, excellent working environment with quiet rooms and recreation areas, and many more...

Aviaso Bulgaria
ЕИК: 200627764
Адрес: София 1505, Сердика Офиси, бул. Ситняково 48, ет. 8
Телефон: +35929713503
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