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Started in 2001 as a research lab within Sirma Group, Ontotext Corp has become a leading developer of semantic technologies, one of the most innovative and successful Bulgarian companies, and Bulgaria's most successful participant in EU-funded IT research projects.

Now a days Ontotext develops the technologies for the next generation web of data, known as the Semantic Web or Web 3.0. These technologies are experiencing a growing adoption for overcoming challenging data integration and content management problems in some of the biggest enterprises. Ontotext delivers solutions for large scale mission critical applications in organizations like AstraZeneca, the BBC, Korea Telecom, the Press Association and many more. Our text processing and RDF database technology successfully competes against the likes of IBM and Oracle.

All our staff are familiar with modern software processes and tools, but by being involved in the development of state of the art software systems means that we are able to offer suitable candidates a richer and more interesting career than a typical application programmer. Our engineers don't just use software for processing billions of entities, they actually build it, test it and deploy it on heavy duty servers and cloud-based clusters of machines.

Most of our team is located in Sofia/Bulgaria, but we cooperate with a growing network of partners and affiliates in Europe and all over the globe, from the USA to Australia and from the UK to Korea.

Ontotext is currently searching for people who match one or more of the job profiles described below. Combining two or more profiles is possible and so is reorientation at a later stage. For most of the profiles we are open to hire candidates at different levels of seniority: from software engineers with limited industrial experience (but excellent computer science background) to senior architects.
Телефон: 02/974-61-60
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