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Easy Consult has stood for quality and innovation
on the Bulgarian Human Resources Solutions
market with uncompromised recognition since 2004.
Our team is dedicated to the idea of delivering
timely and customized services to our clients – one
of the most prominent and preferred employers in
the country.
Throughout the years, we have accumulated
thorough understanding for a wide range of
businesses - from Retail and E-commerce through
Production, Services or Transportation and
Logistics. To respond to the most demanding and
urgent needs of the competitive IT and IT
Outsourcing Businesses in Bulgaria, in addition to its
Non IT Recruitment business line, Easy Consult has
successfully built up an IT Recruitment team of
skilled and technically aware professionals.

Our expert consultants in Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas
share the common positive and “out of the box”
thinking, enjoy being more than “business contacts”
for the candidates and daily encourage them on
their way to success. We believe that matching
candidates’ skills and personality to clients’ needs
creates a beneficial environment for enhancing both
talent and workforce potential.

No matter if you are a well-trained blue collar
worker, a highly qualified expert or a recognized
manager in your area, our team is committed to
support you accelerate in your career and find the
desired job satisfaction for you.
Easy Consult - RelEase your career talent -
IncrEase your workforce potential.
Адрес: Sofia 1766, Mladost 4, Business Park Sofia, build. 4, Ground floor
Plovdiv 4003, 6 Sept Blvd. No 139
Varna 9000, 24-26 Slivnitsa Blvd., floor 3, office 15, Landmark Center
Burgas 8000, 26 Vardar Street, floor 2, office 2, 0884 93 83 44
Телефон: 02 / 489 58 85; 032 / 550 071; 052 / 603190
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Всички обяви на ИЗИ КОНСУЛТ ООД
27.10.16 Консултант връзки с клиенти с немски език Варна
24.10.16 Търговски представител София
27.10.16 СЛУЖИТЕЛИ ПРОИЗВОДСТВО - Металургия София
27.10.16 Технически Търговски представител- авточасти София
27.10.16 IT Sales Consultant София
27.10.16 Работници производство - сладкарски изделия София
27.10.16 Работници производство – служители склад/оператори София
27.10.16 Senior Controlling Analyst София
27.10.16 SAP BW Financial Analyst София
26.10.16 Мениджър Продажби Локални Ключови клиенти – България София
26.10.16 Conseiller / Conseillère avec la langue française София
26.10.16 ТЕХНИК, отдел Поддръжка Пловдив
26.10.16 Инженер Автоматизация Пловдив
25.10.16 Младши Сътрудник-ресторант на 4-и 6-часов работен ден (обучаващ се) София
18.10.16 Работници производство – оператори електронни елементи София
17.10.16 Business Assistant Пловдив
17.10.16 Работници производство Пловдив
17.10.16 СЕРВИТЬОРИ/КИ Пловдив
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