КМСГ ЕООД Разглеждания: 46 726
Бизнес, консултантски услуги, Маркетинг/Реклама/ПР, Услуги

За компанията
CMSG Ltd. is one of the leading contact centers in Sofia, Bulgaria having more than 10 years of experience in different sales-oriented projects.
For us, at CMSG, the people are first! We work in a professional yet very friendly atmosphere! We have currently employed more than 150 excellent professionals and continue to expand  our company size. Wе stimulate the staff to perform the best of themselves through the excellent bonus system and the opportunity for professional development.
Телефон: 02-974 6392
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Всички обяви на КМСГ ЕООД
19.05.15 Sales Representative with English София
15.05.15 Агент - продажби с Руски език София
14.05.15 Агент - продажби с ИСПАНСКИ език София
22.05.15 Сътрудник Маркетинг и Продажби с РУСКИ език София
14.05.15 Telemarketing agent София
08.05.15 Agente de ventas con español София
20.05.15 Sales Representative with Spanish София
19.05.15 Call Center Agent with Russian София
05.05.15 Call Center Agent with English София
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