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Tek Experts is a global IT services provider with opperations in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. 
We opened our Bulgaria site in 2011 and already employ almost 300 people. And we are growing day-by-day. We are at the forefront of business and IT support in the region and are committed to developing our people and our operations for the long term. By joining Tek Experts Bulgaria, you can learn with us, grow with us and become part of our journey to greatness.
Кариера в компанията
At Tek Experts you will discover world-class opportunities. We give you the freedom, resources and support to help you map your global career path in IT and shape your future for the long term.
By joining Tek Experts, you join a community that will help you discover the expert in you.
We foster an environment of collaboration and trust where everyone feels part of something great. We are a global company that cherishes uniqueness and rewards exceptional people.
If you are ready to jump-start your IT career, then check out our job openings and imagine where a career at Tek Experts can take you!
Адрес: 2 Pozitano Square;
Floor 2 - Perform Business Centre
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Всички обяви на ТЕК ЕКСПЪРТС ЕООД
08.02.16 Service Desk Administrator with English София
29.01.16 Manager Customer advocates Team София
28.01.16 Junior Technical support specialist with English София
19.01.16 Internal Communication Manager София
18.01.16 Junior Technical support specialist with English and German София
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